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Three Day Services*

MDS Screw Retained crown.jpg

Implant Based Restorations
Starting at $349 Per Unit

Margin Dental Studio offers efficient and precise dental solutions. Choose from our rapid service options: Screw-Retained Crowns completed in only 3 days or Zirconia Crowns over abutments in just 5 days, available exclusively from STL files. 

MDS Crown_edited.jpg

Zirconia Crowns in 3 Days
Starting at $99 Per Unit

Margin Dental Studio presents a unique service: Zirconia Crowns crafted in just 3 days for $99, available exclusively for orders processed from STL files. With a commitment to precision and efficiency, we ensure superior quality restorations.

MDS Dentures_edited.jpg

Acrylic Denture in 3 Steps
Starting at $199 Per Arch

Discover Margin Dental Studio's streamlined approach to denture fabrication, simplified into just 3 easy steps. We offer a unique service designed to ensure a hassle-free experience from start to finish. 

MDS Design Service

Design Service
Starting at $9

Margin Dental Studio provides comprehensive design services ranging from crowns to surgical guides. Unlike artificial intelligence solutions, our human touch ensures unparalleled accuracy and attention to detail. 

At Margin Dental Studio, we excel in precision using both conventional impressions and STL files

*Margin Dental Studio is pleased to offer a discounted rate for turnaround within seven business days, delivering efficient service while maintaining high-quality standards.*

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